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We establish university-enterprise cooperation relationship with technician institute of z
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      For a long time, our company always adhere to the people-oriented, meritocracy, is the use of principle of choose and employ persons. Warmly welcome colleges, skilled vocational school graduates and aspiring professionals to join our company. We wholeheartedly for the majority of people with lofty ideals, to provide the best platform development and interpreta dream! The company is willing to work with excellent mechanic vocational college, to establish good faith compliance, mutual benefit and win-win results, stable constant university-enterprise cooperation, seek common development and common progress.

      In 2012, in the company and zhongshan technician college leadership under the push of, began to explore in conformity with the practical and vital interests of both sides university-enterprise cooperation relationship. And at the end of 2012, and eventually reached cooperation intention, the company was founded in zhongshan technician institute a "product research and development center", "in the school factory" and "human resources training base". On March 29, 2013, zhongshan in our technician institute "university-enterprise cooperation unit" and "practice base". Aluminum products processed by is professional, fine and quality. It all depends on talents, professional team of human resource support. And this combined with theory and practice of zhongshan technician institute, having both ability and political integrity and use yucai policy. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that, formally established university-enterprise cooperation relations, for both sides will inject new vitality for sustainable development and a strong positive energy.

      Since then, we will start a series of university-enterprise cooperation projects with the technician institute of zhongshan city. Because: mitutoyo Tang Xuefeng (left) and chairman of zhongshan city technician institute JiDianXi Tan Yonglin (right) after three plaque was unveiled handshakes.



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