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Why do companies build multilingual web site?
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     The Internet is growing stronger, has become the enterprises and individuals to seek business opportunities, for goods, services, and information to understand the preferred way. From standing in enhance the enterprise competitive advantage point of view, building a multilingual web site is the premise and improve sales continue to increase the number of customers efficient means. With the accelerating of internationalization, multilingual web site will become an indispensable part of enterprises and organizations.
Multilingual web site to help enterprises in the face of many non-native English speakers to Internet users
      Through expose your multilingual web site in each country, region front of potential customers, naturally you will get the attention of the native language users.
Multilingual web site to increase sales for the enterprise
      Each additional languages on the website are likely to double potential sales. Even if only make web site contains only Spanish, French, German and Italian the four major world language website, its sales may also be potential increase 4 times. This is a relatively rare ways to use such a small investment for such a big effect.
Multilingual web site can convey to the customer as the center service consciousness
      Your multilingual web site shows you think for the customer. You to work and caring for the customer's customer as the center will be grateful, customers because of you the extra work, they will be more inclined to patronize your business.
Multilingual web site can get more trust
      Many execute transactions via the Internet is often the result of the is not familiar with each other each other's language problems of trust between different  cultures. To provide customers the choice of multiple languages to help them feel safe, clear exactly how they are trading, with whom to deal.
Multilingual web site to help overcome cultural sensitivity
     A properly designed multilingual web site, through the use of the target market of this dialect can overcome potential cultural barriers. Because multilingual web site automatically create the "comfort zone" for customers, so they can freely navigate, understand the website information, and interact with you.
Multilingual web site can effectively against competitors
      Gain a competitive advantage to jump out of the thinking of framework in today's environment. Many companies tried to distinguish himself from competitors. Watch your competitors, if they have a multilingual site why didn't you? If they don't, why don't they dominate the market first before setting up your company's brand?
Multi-language website present enterprise's international style
      A multilingual website to show your ideas, management and international business process. International corporate image and industry leadership and multilingual web site to help for different search engines, local state search engine will bring people to your site. However, in some countries and regions have their own popular search engine, mainly is the search engine on the basis of the use of native language habits to work, adapted to the needs of the people, so a success. This type of search engine, engine is the key to the local market, in addition to that, unless they can use a specific language (such as English) otherwise it is difficult to find you.
  In addition, many keyword search engines, especially Google, in regard to the development of multiple language capability is excellent. Have multiple languages page web site can maximize protect your web site can be many search engines to retrieve and display. The transaction is always in constant shift and change. The current multilingual web site is still in its early stage, many multinational companies use multilingual web site to consolidate its international status. However, the following will naturally occur, the influence of multilingual web site will become the main part of the Internet existed. Regardless of the enterprise is to select now or in the future, this is the only option for the website construction.

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