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Aluminum industry access conditions need to improve
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The 2012-07-02 09:41:20 sources: China nonferrous metals
      The national development and reform commission, in order to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the sustainable and healthy development of aluminum industry, strengthen environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, to ensure the safety of staff, to further improve the barriers to entry, the specification of aluminum industry investment behavior, stop the blind investment, and promote the realization of energy conservation and emissions reduction targets, established in the form of announcement released "aluminum industry access conditions" (hereinafter referred to as "access"). Released and conscientiously implement "access" to carry out, will no doubt to the development of Chinese aluminum industry play a positive role in regulating and promoting, at the same time put forward a series of quantitative indicators, this shows that China's aluminium industry has entered a new era of development, has entered the phase of a quantitative control, aluminium industry ushered in the new stage of sound and rapid development.
      "Access" to "quantity" as entering the industry standard: using alumina project started scale domestic bauxite resources must be in production capacity of 800000 tons or more, using imported alumina bauxite project size must start in production capacity of 600000 tons and above; New production capacity of aluminium project must go through the investment administrative department under the state council for approval, only recently approved environmental renovation project, and the planning of national replacement project to close down backward production facilities; New project size aluminium must be above 50000 tons/year, existing access to the scale of production of the recycled aluminum enterprises for more than 20000 tons/year, rebuilding and expansion of regeneration project size must be in more than 30000 tons/year.
      New aluminum processing and product structure of the project must be on board, belt, foil or extruded tubes, industrial profiles is given priority to, many kinds of comprehensive production capacity of aluminum processing project must reach more than 100000 tons/year, varieties of a single aluminum processing projects 50000 tons/year production capacity must achieve plate strip and foil 30000 tons/year, extrusion materials more than 50000 tons/year. This entirely in "quantity (annual production capacity of)" as a condition of access is open to question, to constantly improve, to refine and complement, some can be "quantity" as the standard, others not as "large" as a standard. Metallurgical projects should be big chemical alumina project well moderate alumina has the branch of metallurgy and chemical grade level, scale of production of metallurgical grade alumina project start can be classified as 600000 tons/year and 800000 tons/year, if in the production of chemical alumina project start size is too big, will inevitably have a strange.
      "Access" referred to in the alumina is metallurgy, but did not say, you would do well to clarify. Aluminium project size can start at 100000 tons/year or more, but the use of three layer of pure aluminum electrolysis production project is not so big. But three layers of electrolysis method had better not to build in the future, because of the high energy consumption, pollution to the environment is also much higher than segregation method, China still has about 20000 tons/year three layer electrolysis aluminum production capacity, can be in the future when conditions mature appropriate shall be phased out. Of course, "access" refers to refers to the aluminium electrolytic aluminium project. Ultra high purity aluminum 5 n ~ 7 or higher n and 7 n > extremely pure aluminium also need to develop, the former is from this year can production, but production is not enough, the latter can't production, all rely on imports.
       Recent not approved aluminium completely correct in new projects, China is a country poor in bauxite resource and energy, is not suitable for large-scale development of aluminium industry, should as far as possible to go abroad development, domestic production of aluminium to the basic can meet domestic demand. Renewable aluminum project should be treated differently regeneration from recyclable resources refers to the recovery of aluminium, owing to a lot of recycled aluminum resources, diversity, quality difference is very big, so unfavorable regulation "new project size aluminium must be above 50000 tons/year" tough, should according to the type of the scrap aluminum and recycled aluminum resources grade of differently. Using cars, for example, sliced waste, waste production such as engine cylinder block and cylinder head ADC12 alloy such as the size of the regenerative aluminium plant must be above 50000 tons/year, and the use of the same kind of waste ADC12 alloy melt in situ casting transportation tools such as auto parts companies the size of the barriers to entry is greater than or equal to 10000 tons/year. And as utilize raw materials such as aluminum, aluminum ash slag recycling aluminum project size to greater than or equal to 5000 tons/year or less some access; To waste all aluminum cans as raw material to produce alloys tank type 3004 (canstock) of new project scale (must be at least 50000 tons/year; In old building the project of 6063 alloy round ingot aluminum production, as well as to 1 XXX series alloy scrap with 5 XXX series alloy waste as raw material to produce 1 XXX alloy flat ingot and of 5052 alloy flat ingot project size to 30000 tons/year, or even 20000 tons/year.
      Comprehensive aluminum processing projects appropriate medium for specialization comprehensive many kinds of aluminum processing projects production must reach more than 100000 tons/year, not necessarily exactly. Production capacity and varieties of a single project should be reached: plate strip 50000 tons/year, 30000 tons/year foil, extrusion materials more than 50000 tons/year, it would be worth exploring. This general quantitative, not necessarily practical situation, not necessarily in accordance with different varieties of aluminum appropriate scale, not necessarily in accordance with the current national conditions. We might as well to discuss about the rough. Comprehensive aluminum processing projects must scale, that is to say more, but a single species aluminum on the new project size is a good thing, of course, is our subjective desire, but there are a lot of aluminum market is limited, it is necessary to built so big size? Obviously, different products should be aimed at different scale project construction in line with the market situation of the actual situation.
       As we all know, strip production capacity refers to the production of a certain time, the strip in rolling strip usually has two kinds, ingot casting hot rolling and double roller type of continuous roll casting, with the former as the strip of the new project production capacity of 100000 tons/year as barriers to entry is completely correct, but with the latter as the cold rolling belt blank obviously is too big, return for 50000 tons/year. Production of 100000 tons/year strip need nearly 120000 tons/year, strip, are built up to 12 bar rolling line, is not conducive to low energy consumption emissions less cast-rolling process. About 80% of the strip billet, mainly of roll casting, should be encouraged to build more double roller continuous roll casting project. Polished mirror aluminum sheet with projects should not be the production capacity of more than 50000 tons/year, decorative composite aluminum plate with projects should not be the production capacity of more than 50000 tons/year; Decorative composite aluminum plate with program also shoulds not be too big, be well-advised to maximum production capacity to 30000 tons/year; Not big computer storage disk substrate aluminum project, otherwise, where to find the market? Britain has a small factory, the production of lithium aluminum - alloy plate annual production is 1000 tons, only is good, however, its production capacity can reach 25000 tons rolling mill, but the casting equipment and heat treatment of form a complete set of finishing equipment production capacity is 3000 tons/year.
      If the Chinese investors have also want to create a new project, you have to the production capacity of 50000 tons/year, otherwise is not let build, reasonable? Production capacity of 30000 tons/year comprehensive aluminum foil enterprise even medium, and reached a certain scale, if the size of the single aluminum foil factory is above 30000 tons/year is worth thinking about. 0.005 mm power capacitor foil, for example, use 1200 mm mill is most suitable for, should also be produced by specialized factory, in 2006 total global consumption is less than 20000 tons, China now has two businesses can batch production, if there is a third enterprise to build a new production line production of ultra-thin aluminum foil, must achieve 30000 tons/year production capacity to "card", can do it? China is a aluminum foil production country, and is a aluminum foil primary power, need both at several large aluminum processing plant, such as xiashun holdings, an aluminium-foil maker co., LTD., more in need of a batch of such as large group danyang aluminum foil factory that high efficiency of small and medium-sized aluminum foil factory. New aluminum extrusion project must achieve 50000 tons/year production capacity is worth discussing.
       A predominantly manufacturing building aluminum extrusion materials comprehensive enterprise construction required to achieve 50000 tons/year production capacity to 8 mn nearly 20 ~ 30 mn extrusion production lines, and if it is given priority to with the production of industrial material should be equipped with from 8 mn ~ 80 mn extrusion production line 15 or so. Production of industrial aluminum extrusion materials in addition to the need to build on the size of some large enterprises, the need to build a batch of production capacity from 1000 tons/year to 2, 30000 tons/year, was designed and essence of small businesses, the enterprise is the current development and construction should be encouraged. Such instances can also give some.
       Computer hard disk drive system components. Up to more than 10 kinds of varieties and this part is sliced with extruded shape with nc machine tools and machining center, the individual quality in grams. Photocopy equipment drum precision steel tubes. Car oil pipe and tube heat exchange system, they are mostly with a small continuous extrusion machine production, project production capacity of 50000 tons/year impossible. If built such a big factory, factory of the world as long as two or three is enough to meet the needs of auto manufacturing. Ski pole main rod is made of seamless extrusion tube, the top a cone-shaped, transition area of about 150 mm in length, the demand is not big, but very important, don't want this kind of product of the production capacity of 50000 tons/year, too? Auto outer decoration profiles is a kind of very small profiles, note after surface treatment with shiny white, set in the car on both sides of the upper, in sharp contrast with black body, have very strong adornment sex, obviously, this section should be made up of small factory professional production, one extrusion machine is enough. Bicycle tubes, rim profile and motorcycle rim profile appropriate medium-sized extrusion by specialized factory to produce. Piece of chip "" should be eliminated coil type still has vitality" access "said" it is forbidden to use the men mill production aluminum processing material ", it is too absolute. Indeed, block type "" mill should be eliminated, but should be phased out by the market.
       Coil type "" two-high rolling mill rolling mill is often said that, not only in China, the developing countries, is also and in developed countries, production polishing aluminum belt must also use large diameter two-high rolling mill. By the end of 2006, China two-high strip hot mill production capacity of 600000 tons/year, now not only functioning, and the product quality, economic benefit is good also, why it is strictly prohibited to production of aluminum plate with it? All in all, after more than 50 years of development, China's aluminium industry has obtained great achievement, become a aluminium power, primary aluminum industry has super on the international level, on the level of the whole alumina industry due to the limitation of resource conditions, there is a certain gap with the international advanced level, aluminum processing equipment level has been ranked among the top of the world. Become a net exporter of extrusion materials in China in 2001, 2003, become a net exporter of aluminum foil, aluminum plate into exports in 2007 to balance or have a small amount of net imports. The promulgation of "aluminium industry access conditions on the sound and rapid development of China's aluminium industry will play a positive role, but according to the problems found during the execution constantly amended and perfected.
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