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Copper prices sanitary metal aluminum products
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       Won't be easy to rust like aluminum alloy, copper material is not easy oxidation, always is the material of choice for hardware sanitary ware products. In recent years, however, copper prices continue to rise, hardware companies started to look for alternative materials of copper products. As the problem of easy oxidation of aluminum is advanced coating solution, begin to be bullish on aluminium material, the position in hardware sanitary ware products. Nowadays, aluminum has become one of the mainstream of bathroom hardware products selection, a rising streak in recent years, although aluminum easy oxidation, but advanced coating solved the problems. And other shortcomings are improvements, believe in the near future, aluminum metal hardware material markets glory just around the corner.
       Speaking of aluminum, its advantages can be many, such as lightweight, high plasticity, not easy to rust, not easy ageing, the price is relatively stable, strong and strong processing capacity, thermal conductivity and so on. With existing compared commonly used in sanitary hardware stainless steel and copper, aluminum although occupies the proportion of small in sanitary hardware, but the good prospects for development. This, we can get reference from the development of related industries. Like in the automotive industry, the utility ratio of aluminum alloy growing; In the building doors and Windows, aluminum is widely used; In household appliances, such as the mould is gradually used especially the material of aluminum. This shows, especially the material of aluminum application range is very wide.
Sanitary hardware, especially the material of aluminum is not widely used, its root cause lies in aluminum processing in the process. As is known to all, both the faucet and shower sanitary hardware products, such as in the process, is one of the most important parts in the valve and interfaces, where the two processes is not good, the water will flow out. Precisely because the ductility of aluminum and thermal conductivity, good result in the two parts of the process, how to keep the sealing is very important. If the process cannot be resolved, the application of aluminum has been greatly limited. In addition, the processing of aluminium corners is relatively more troublesome, how to do and no burr, is also a great test of aluminum processing.
       At present, the domestic part of sanitary hardware companies have made bold attempt in the existing aluminum applications, developed a series of aluminum faucet,  aluminium showers and other aluminum products. Combined with the most sanitary hardware enterprise to develop aluminum accessories, aluminum bathroom cabinet, etc., the application of aluminum has been gradually formed series products. From the perspective of the development of lighting industry association field, after solved the technical problems of aluminum lighting has become a category, consumers are widely accepted and loved so, aluminum bath will be a material breach of sanitary hardware industry, thus forming a new category? The author believes that it is possible, just need sanitary hardware companies work together, jointly promote aluminum sanitary ware technology ability, developing more new products and styles, so as to make big market cake, share the achievements of the market and meet the sanitary hardware together next spring.
        Aluminum hardware wanted to have a good start in the market must be in when put into trial production, do the right things as much as possible, otherwise once the problems likely to lead to consumer distrust, difficult to promote it again. Therefore in the process and technical research and development and the improvement is necessary.

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