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Core concept    

Loyalty, Good Faith, Integrity, Leniency. Unremitting self-improvement and innovation. Suppliers and employees are our partners. Heart-to-heart customer service. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Significance of concept

Because of it’s strive for constant blossoming, SFA definesits core concept as ensuring foundational values such as integrity, accountability, kindness, responsibility andpersistence in forging ahead.


 Its existence value consists of three components

First, SFA will provide customers with the most favorableprices, best quality products, and finest service throughceaseless technical innovation and management improvement;furthermore, it will reach to comply withthe customer’sdemands and let them enjoy various inner experiencesfrom SFA's products everyday as they wish.
  Next, SFA would like to be responsible for suppliers andemployees, both of which will be treated as SFA's partners.Being people oriented, SFA will also create the developmentopportunities for employees and constantly
increase theirpotential for growth.
  Finally, SFA will call for the deep sense of social compliancesand will be beneficial and will contribute its might to thesociety while gaining profits on the basis of observing locallaws and regulations, and normal social values.
      Only through perseverance in the core values statedabove will SFA, its employees, and its shareholders cometo receive great benefits and achieve great accomplishments.