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    Sanfeng aluminum is a enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum products, consisting of a Mitutoyo precision aluminum products, Mitutoyo aluminum profiles, Sanfeng metal forging, Mitutoyo aluminum die-casting, Mitutoyo surface processing of five companies.

    Young and full of dreams, from extrusion, forging, die casting, finishing, surface treatment formed a from raw materials to finished aluminum accessories complete production chain, is committed to more

    Saudi Arabia will be the Mi...

    n recent years, the Saudi government has been committed to adjust the economic structure, development of non-oil industry, reduce the oil industry in the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP)

    Copper prices sanitary metal alum

    Won t be easy to rust like aluminum alloy, copper material is not easy oxidation, always is the material of choice for hardware sanitary ware products In recent years, however, copper prices continue to rise

    ​Aluminum prices rise, part...

    Aluminum prices rise, part of aluminum alloy products play thin aluminum wall thickness of less than 12 mm are

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